Here are some of my best works

Here is my entry for Sketchfab #XPPenSculptChallenge.

Inspired on the concept of Andrew Simmons and in Dalilah from “Treasure Planet”.

Principal creature (the blue one) made on Blender and the rest of the scene on Maya. Textured on Substance Painter.

Hope you like it.

Who remembers that movie from Ghibli Studios? Well… She’s back, and she’s looking for hers beloved Sosuke, have anyone seen him?

Model made inspired in this cute character, keeping the anime style and giving her the features of her father, like the hair and the skinny body.

Blender, Maya, Substance Painter and Photoshop were used.

Hope you like it!

Yap, way more better my second attempt on Voxel Art.

I increased the definition of the model decreasing the size of the cubes and increasing the number of them (and the time doing this as well 😅).

This is a remake from the great 2D art of [Anna Zanozina](

You can also see the renders I captured here on the left.

Hope you like it.

My first attempt on Voxel Art.

Hope you like it.


Here are also some renders I captured just for fun.

An idea I had with the Sketchfab #ArcadeGameChallenge, in spite of this isn’t an arcade, I thought this could be a good art idea.

Hope you like it.

Model sculpted in Blender. Retopo and UVs on Maya. Textured on Substance Painter.

Look inside, our little friend is in quarentene. Covid does not forgive to anyone. #StayHome

Tiny House, made for Sketchfab #TinyCabinChallenge. The inicial idea was to get the envoirment richer with more grass, bushes and rocks, but I gave more importance to the animations. Sooo here it is the result.

I got inspired on Shrek house / swamp with a “cute” touch for the Easter spirit.

Hope you like it.

Four gargoyles I’ve sculpt for printing and scare some people.

Feel free to explore the full collection.

Hope you like them.

A low poly recreation of Print4Fun3D - the store I’m working on in my internship.

Hope you like it.

Say Hello to Printy!!! The new pet of Print4Fun3D.

He’s happy to see y’all. We hope you’re happy to see him too 😃.

Trying some different textures and styles on a modified bust of me (in a little bit elfic way 🧝‍).

Scanned with Sense and improved with Blender and Maya. Exaggerated craziness in Substance Painter.

Hope you like it.

Just trying more realistic textures in this cute cute new Disney Star Wars character (more specifically The Mandalorian).

Hope you like it 

Excelent history this one. Paranorman (form the movie ParaNorman, Laika Studios) with a scared face. Sculpted in Blender, Retopo and UVs on Maya and textures in Substance Painter.

Don’t be scared!! He is probably scared with you 😵

Hope you like it

Model made for Sketchfab #DogModelChallenge.

Careful, he follows you with his eyes… 👀

Hope you like it

Outline experience from the 2D concept of SinisterSquids and in Spirited Away movie.

Low poli game concept made for Sketchfab #GameLevelChallenge.

Based on Aleksandr Khotsevich and Елена Югай 2D concepts. Sculpted and Retopology on Blender, UVs arrangement on Maya and bake and textured on Substance Painter.

Project sculpt in Blender, UVs in Maya and textures in Substance Painter. Copy from the original work of Pawel Miklaszewski.

When I conclued successfully my first month art challenge: Sketchfab Inktober 2019. The goal was make one model per day with the suggested theme. 

One model a day… keeps you skill on good way.

When was my first time on Blender.

And hey, it’s not that bad at all. I realised that sculpting in here is soooo much better than sculping in Maya. This model was made for Sketchfab #MushroomChallenge.

Model made in Blender, UVs baked in Maya and textures on Substance Painter.

Delicious and small but dam… so much cream to delight…

Model made on Maya and its textures on Substance Painter for Sketchfab Low Poli Dessert Challenge. 

Cute Happy Jelly is Happy and it’s happy because happiness comes from a piece of healthy jelly. Be like Happy Jelly and eat jelly for more happiness and health.

Cute model made in Maya and its textures on Substance Painter for Sketchfab #LowPolyDessertChallenge

Model made for “Cute Warrior” theme of CG Challenge.

Model made for Sketchfab #MemeChallenge. Model made in Maya and textures on Substance Painter

Model made for experiment myself on Substance Painter

That was my first time using Substance Painter

My first time on a complex model all made by myself (except textures).

Made for a 3D Modelling school project.

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